Fanola Unique Perm

Brand: Fanola


Fanola Oro Therapy Unique Perm 500ml

Innovative and balanced formula suitable to create volume, support and permanent curl elasticity. Flexible and well defined on all types of hair, without altering the reflection of coloured hair. Revolutionises the world of perm with the new universal waving system
With restructuring action
More functional
More powerful
The special formulation is enhanced with GOLD 24K, KERATIN, CYSTEAMINE and ARGAN OIL, it "adapts " to all hair types with a perfect mix of MOVEMENT and COSMETIC EFFECT. PLUS
Unique waving liquid: for results that can be customised depending on the type and condition of the hair
Shorter processing times: reacts faster to the waving liquid
Ultra-delicate formula: maximum respect for the cuticle and the structure of the hair
CYSTEAMINE: a component of natural origin, particularly compatible with the structure of the hair. Exercises a chemically active action that causes the sulphur bonds to break.
GOLD 24 K: fight the formation of free radicals with an incredible weightless anti-age action, leaving hair brilliant and full of shine.
KERATIN: a particularly resistant fibrous protein present in a very high concentration in the shaft of the hair. Restructures the hair from the inside, effectively reconstructing the sulphur bonds, thus enhancing the shape and consistency of the hair, making it more compact and hard wearing.
ARGAN OIL: an oil of natural origin, hydrates and brings shine to the outside of the cuticle. Balances the porosity of the hair, protecting and restructuring it during the processing time.
RESULT - WAVES AND CURLS: - strong, healthy and firm - supple and full of life - restructured - well defined and full of body - soft and shiny - hydrated, for longerlasting hold - no frizz effect - manageable

PHASE 1 PREPARATION Wash the hair gently with the Orotherapy Shampoo more suitable depending on the type of hair

PHASE 2 PRE-TREATMENT (necessary only for sensitive, treated or coloured hair) Spray a sufficient amount of Bi-Phase Oro Puro on damp hair, along the lengths and ends, depending on the length and volume of the hair. Do not rinse.

PHASE 3 WAVING ACTION A) Wrap the rollers around damp hair. NB: it is up to the operator to choose the diameter of the rollers and the technique to be used during the waving service. B) Use an applicator to distribute the necessary amount of Unique Perm on each roller, depending on the volume of the hair. C) Apply a plastic cap and leave on the hair, referring to the table of indicative processing times on page 10. D) The waves should be checked every 5 minutes while Unique Perm is going to work. E) At the end of processing time, without unravelling the rollers, rinse with plenty of warm water for at least 5 minutes.

PHASE 4 NEUTRALIZING ACTION A) After rinsing, towel dry the hair and apply the Neutralizer without unravelling the rollers. B) Use approx. 100 ml of Neutralizer and spread carefully on each roller, using a doser. C) Leave on for 10 minutes (for very long hair, increase processing time by 5 minutes) D) At the end of processing time, without unravelling the rollers, rinse with plenty of warm water for at least 5 minutes. E) Delicately unravel the rollers and complete the process.

PHASE 5 STABILIZATION (REBALANCING SPRAY) Apply the spray to towel dried hair lengths and ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

PHASE 6 COMPLETION A) To condition the hair further, complete the process while the hair is still damp by applying