Milbon Atenje N H SH

Brand: Milbon


Agent 1 SH Super High Position Hair Straightening 400 g.

Japanese Hair Straight - Super High Position

Liscio Atenje SH1



Liscio Atenje revolutionizes hair straightening. Delight your clients with Liscio genuine Japanese hair straightening.

Milbon is the best product for hair straightening and the top professional salon brand in Japan. Milbon USA popularized Japanese thermal reconditioning in the U.S. 15 years ago. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we remain committed to helping hairdressers create beauty around the world. Its action is faster than similar existing in the market. Transforms curly resistant hair in a naturally smooth, shiny and manageable. Success in the Japan and Europe, the Japanese technique that transforms hair curl, voluminous in straight hair, soft and shiny that support a variety of exciting hairstyles and colors.

Joining the desires of our customers for consistent straightening with concepts from Milbon Designers, who seek to provide the ultimate in quality. A straightening & hair care system born from integration of salon technology with home care.


Development Background:

"Straight repeaters", who repeatedly undergo straight perms, can be troubled over the passage of time by bristling, crackly hair tips, even if the hair seems beautiful immediately post-treatment. Additionally, due to accumulation of damage from repeated coloration and daily use of curling irons, more and more people are finding beautiful perm straightening treatments difficult for their hair.

The Liscio Atenje straightening & hair care system provides straightening solutions to uniformly straighten out unruly hair, where every single strand of hair seems to follow a different path, as well as offering specialized hair care to prevent specific hair straightening changes which can occur post-treatment.

Liscio Atenje offers "straight and beautiful" length and texture for the hair.


Liscio Atenje Benefits:

- Permanent texturizing results

- Natural bounce and volume

- Healthy shine that only LISCIO can deliver

- Retouch needed only every 6-8 months

- Versatile finishes from silky straight to smooth curls

- Always Formaldehyde-free


Product Features - Straitening Solutions:

1. "Uni-route formulation" achieves uniform gentleness for tangled hair, with aligning diffusion speed of the reduction agent mostly varying for every strand of hair.

2. "Aqua-capture effect" preserves moisture content deep inside the hair, even when you dry your hair before using a curling iron.

3. "Bounce and shine effect" prior treatment imparts shine and firmness you can really feel, from right inside the hair.


Hair Type - Choose the proper position for each hair type:

• SH – Super High: Natural, Natural Resistant, Natural Curly or Coarse Texture

• H – High: Hair Dyed

• N – Natural: Until 50% of bleaching