Milbon Cronna After Color Treatment 2

Brand: Milbon


After color treatment 1
The salon treatment which lets a feeling of after the color luster, a feeling of unity last
I perform a cap effect and feel of a material control and raise manageability of the hair.
・Color みが of protein and the color flows out from the cut section of the point of a brush even if I repair the hair inside strongly.
I close the cap to cap it with an important ingredient and the pigment of the color beginning to flow and prevent an outflow.

Simple salon treatment of 2 processes
・A process and dry of dozens of times such as the conventional salon treatment are not necessary, too.
The reduction of working hours care that I paint with 1 and drain it and acquire 2 and only drain.
To brightness and the fluent feel that the high-density combination of the ingredient is enabled by double treatment and cannot get by the home care.

- Fragrance -
・It is the fragrance with the article by light car which I matched the fragrance of the lily of the valley with to be fragrant of the fruit that flow Ralph roux tea is fresh and young.