Milbon Deesses Elujuda FO

Brand: Milbon


Elujuda FO (Fluent Oil) 120 ml
Milbon Deesse's Elujuda Oil is a design base oil that serves to create your signature look by providing supple, easy-to-move softness that increases the quality of hand blow drying.

Fluent Oil for fine hair gives thickness to difficult-to-move hair of limp, weak body and arranges it in a soft and flexible state with a blend of oil soluble silk PPT, a hair maintenance and repair component that provides hair with appropriate body.

Special Ingredient:

? Baobab Oil
Baobab is a tree native to certain regions in Africa. Baobab oil extracted from its fruits is rich in antioxidants and effectively restores cuticles to evenly soften hair's surface for improved manageability.