MOSSA 0 Resistant Hair

Brand: Green Light


Perm Mossa 0

Waving System For Natural Hair - 0

How to use:
Shampoo the hair with Green Light Pre-Waving Detergent Composition. Wind wet hair on curlers. Carefully saturate all the curlers with the waving solution, then cover with an adequate cap. At the end of the resting time, rinse the hair evenly with luke warm water. Towel dry the curlers carefully in order to eliminate the excess of water. Apply 2/3 of the Green Light Neutraliser on the curlers, one curler at a time. Leave for 5 minutes. Unwind the curlers without straightening the hair and apply the remaining neutraliser. Rinse evenly with warm water for 5 minutes, then apply the Green Light Post Waving Equaliser. It is advised not to shampoo the hair for at least forty eight hours. Indicated resting time: it is advised 15/25 minutes, checking the process after the first 10 minutes.